Daily Stats Summary

For the data freaks out there (like me), this is where I will maintain all the pertinent daily riding statistics like distance travelled, average speed, max speed and any other metrics of note.

For those who want to re-live the experience in more detail, I will also post links to the daily rides as captured by my Garmin Edge bike GPS (these links will require you to create a free Garmin account to view).

Day 1: Apr 15 – Vancouver Airport to Richmond

Daily Distance 7.36km, Total Distance 7.36, Average Speed 12.8km/hr

Day 2: Apr 16Richmond, BC to Vancouver, BC

Daily Distance 28.27km, Total Distance 35.63, Average Speed 10.7km/hr

Day 3 & 4: Apr 17 & 18 – Stanley Park & Vancouver Aquarium

Sightseeing days – no riding!

Day 5: Apr 19Downtown Vancouver to Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge Park

Daily Distance 20.89km, Total Distance 56.52, Average Speed 11.7km/hr

Day 6: Apr 20 – False Creek Seawall trail

Sightseeing day – no riding!

Day 7: Apr 21Vancouver to Victoria

Daily Distance 97.84km, Total Distance 154.36, Average Speed 13.2km/hr

Temperature dropped to 3 degrees for about an hour of the ride

Day 8: Apr 22 – Victoria

Sightseeing day – no riding!

Day 9: Apr 23Victoria to Sidney

Daily Distance 46.25km, Total Distance 200.61, Average Speed 8.0km/hr

Day 10: Apr 24Sidney to Delta

Daily Distance 42.10km, Total Distance 242.71, Average Speed 13.3km/hr

Drove from Delta to Fort Langley

Day 11: Apr 25 – Fort Langley to Kilby

Daily Distance 68.47km, Total Distance 311.18, Average Speed 17.4km/hr

Day 12: Apr 26Kilby to Hope

Daily Distance 52.62, Total Distance 363.8, Average Speed 18km/hr

Day 13: Apr 27 – Hope to Osoyoos

Drove this stretch

Day 14: Apr 28Osoyoos to Penticton

Daily Distance 61.95km, Total Distance 425.75, Average Speed 16.5km/hr

Day 15: Apr 29Penticton to West Kelowna

Daily Distance  58.46, Total Distance 484.21, Average Speed 17.3km/hr

Day 16: Apr 30West Kelowna to Vernon

Daily Distance 51.47, Total Distance 535.68, Average Speed 12.5km/hr

Day 17: May 1 – Vernon to Golden

Drove this stretch

Day 18: May 2Golden to Athabasca Glacier to Lake Louise

Daily Distance 27.41, Total Distance 563.09, Average Speed 13.4km/hr

Day 19: May 3Lake Louise to Banff

Daily Distance 60.14, Total Distance 623.23, Average Speed 18.0km/hr

Day 20: May 4Banff to Canmore

Daily Distance 25.72, Total Distance 648.95, Average Speed 19.4km/hr

Day 21: May 5Canmore to Calgary

Daily Distance 108.5, Total Distance  757.45, Average Speed 20.0km/hr

Day 22: May 6 – Calgary

Rest and sightseeing – no riding

Day 23: May 7Calgary drop off RV to hotel

Daily Distance 11.95, Total Distance 769.40, Average Speed 14.1km/hr

Day 24 – 26: May 8 – 10 – Calgary

Rest and sightseeing – no riding

Day 27: May 11Calgary to Strathmore

Daily Distance 60.0km, Total Distance 829.40, Average Speed 13.2km/hr

Day 28: May 12Strathmore to Bassano

Daily Distance 97.83km, Total Distance 927.23, Average Speed 13.9km/hr

Time in the saddle 7hrs 3min – it was a loooong day on the bike!

Day 29: May 13Bassano to Brooks

Daily Distance 54.76, Total Distance 981.99km, Average Speed 17.4km/hr

Day 30: May 14Brooks to Medicine Hat

Daily Distance 104.35, Total Distance 1,086.34km, Average Speed 22.1km/hr

Day 31 – 32: May 15 – 16 – Dinosaur Provincial Park and Medicine Hat

Rest days – no riding!

Day 33: May 17Medicine Hat to Eagle Valley Park Campground

Daily Distance 91.26, Total Distance 1,177.60km, Average Speed 18.8km/hr

Day 34: May 18Eagle Valley Park Campground to Gull Lake

Daily Distance 80.0, Total Distance 1,257.60km, Average Speed 17.3km/hr

Day 35: May 19Gull Lake to Swift Current

Daily Distance 58.94, Total Distance 1,316.54km, Average Speed 16.2km/hr

Day 36: May 20Swift Current to Chaplin

Daily Distance 86.94, Total Distance 1,403.48km, Average Speed 13.1km/hr

Day 37: May 21Chaplin to Moose Jaw

Daily Distance 87.08, Total Distance 1,490.56km, Average Speed 10.5km/hr

Time in the saddle – 8.25hrs.  The winds today were BRUTAL!

Day 38 – 40: May 22 – 24 – Moose Jaw

Rest, recover and letting the winds subside – no cycling today

Day 41: May 25Moose Jaw to Regina

Daily Distance 74.04, Total Distance 1,564.60km, Average Speed 10.7km/hr

Time in the saddle – just under 8hrs – another bad wind day, “gusts” over 50km/hr

Day 42: May 26 – Regina

Re-stock supplies day, no riding

Day 43: May 27Regina to Indian Head

Daily Distance 68.27, Total Distance 1,632.87km, Average Speed 13.2km/hr

Day 44: May 28Indian Head to Broadview

Daily Distance 82.44, Total Distance 1,715.31km, Average Speed 17.8km/hr

Day 45: May 29Broadview to Moosomin

Daily Distance 73.87, Total Distance 1,789.18km, Average Speed 13km/hr

Day 46 & 47: May 30 & 31 – Moosomin

Cowering from the combination of wind, rain and low temperatures

Day 48: Jun 1Moosomin to Aspen Grove Campground (btwn Virden and Oak Lake)

Daily Distance 80.86, Total Distance 1,870.04km, Average Speed 17.9km/hr

Day 49: Jun 2Aspen Grove Campground to Brandon

Daily Distance 61.01km, Total Distance 1931.03km, Average Speed 14.9km/hr

Day 50: Jun 3 – Brandon

Sightseeing and rest day

Day 51: Jun 4 – Brandon to Sidney

Daily Distance 72.13km, Total Distance 2,003.16km, Average Speed 11.3km/hr

Day 52: Jun 5Sidney to Portage La Prairie

Daily Distance 57.17km, Total Distance 2,060.33km, Average Speed 15.4km/hr

Day 53: Jun 6Portage La Prairie to Winnipeg

Daily Distance 91.86km, Total Distance 2,152.19km, Average Speed 16.7km/hr

Day 54: Jun 7 – Winnipeg

Sightseeing day!

Day 55: Jun 8Winnipeg Airport

Daily Distance 6.46km, Total Distance 2,158.65, Average Speed 14.2km/hr

Day 56: Jun 9 – Kenora to Thunder Bay

Wimped out and drove this stretch

Day 57: Jun 10 – Thunder Bay to Wawa

Wimped out and drove this stretch

Day 58: Jun 11 – Wawa to Sault Ste. Marie

Wimped out and drove this stretch

Day 59: Jun 12Sault Ste. Marie airport to downtown

Daily Distance 25.04km, Total Distance 2,183.69, Average Speed 13.9km/hr

Day 60: Jun 13Sault Ste. Marie to Bruce Mines

Daily Distance 65.58km, Total Distance 2,249.27, Average Speed 16.6km/hr

Day 61: Jun 14Bruce Mines to Blind River

Daily Distance 74.95km, Total Distance 2,324.22, Average Speed 17.3km/hr

Day 62: Jun 15Blind River to Massey

Daily Distance 71.19km, Total Distance 2,395.41, Average Speed 18.1km/hr

Day 63: Jun 16Massey to Espanola

Daily Distance 28.43km, Total Distance 2,423.84, Average Speed 17.5km/hr

Day 64: Jun 17Espanola to south of Little Current

Daily Distance 68.66km, Total Distance 2,492.50, Average Speed 16.4km/hr

Day 65: Jun 18South of Little Current to Tobermory

Daily Distance 61.84km, Total Distance 2,554.34, Average Speed 18.4km/hr

Day 66: Jun 19Tobermory to Sauble Beach

Daily Distance 87.01km, Total Distance 2,641.35, Average Speed 18.9km/hr

Day 67-72: Jun 20-25 – Chillin’ in Sauble, London, Mildmay & Hanover

Time with friends and family – no riding

Day 73: Jun 26Sauble Beach to Port Elgin

Daily Distance  32.24km, Total Distance 2,673.59, Average Speed 20.7km/hr (much quicker with little gear and no Dash!)

Day 74: Jun 27Port Elgin to Sauble Beach

Daily Distance 34.41km, Total Distance 2,708.00, Average Speed 18.3km/hr

Day 75: Jun 28 – Rest day in Sauble Beach

Day 76: Jun 29Tour around Sauble Beach

Daily Distance 21.78km, Total Distance 2,729.78, Average Speed 18.1km/hr

Day 77: Jun 30 – Rest day in Sauble Beach

Day 78: Jul 1Sauble Beach to Kincardine

Daily Distance 76.94km, Total Distance 2,806.72, Average Speed 18km/hr

Day 79: Jul 2Kincardine to Bayfield

Daily Distance 69.89km, Total Distance 2,876.61, Average Speed 16.9km/hr

Day 80: Jul 3Bayfield to Grand Bend

Daily Distance 51.50km, Total Distance 2,928.11, Average Speed 16.1km/hr

Day 81: Jul 4Grand Bend to Sarnia

Daily Distance 65.11km, Total Distance 2,993.22, Average Speed 14.8km/hr

Day 82: Jul 5 – Rest Day in Sarnia

Day 83: Jul 6Sarnia to Wallaceburg

Daily Distance 57.64km, Total Distance 3,050.86, Average Speed 15.7km/hr

Day 84: Jul 7Wallaceburg to Morpeth

Daily Distance 65.35km, Total Distance 3,116.21, Average Speed 18.3km/hr

Day 85: Jul 8Morpeth to Port Bruce

Daily Distance 95.11km, Total Distance 3,211.32, Average Speed 18.4km/hr

Day 86: Jul 9Port Bruce to Turkey Point

Daily Distance 74.10km, Total Distance 3,285.42, Average Speed 17.1km/hr

Day 87: Jul 10Turkey Point to Brantford

Daily Distance 62.19km, Total Distance 3,347.61, Average Speed 15.2km/hr

Day 88: Jul 11 – Rest day in Brantford

Day 89: Jul 12Brantford to Waterloo

Daily Distance 56.75km, Total Distance 3,404.36, Average Speed 14.5km/hr

Day 90: Jul 13Waterloo to Hamilton

Daily Distance 76.56km, Total Distance 3,480.92, Average Speed 15.6km/hr

Day 91: Jul 14 – Rest day in Hamilton

Day 92: Jul 15Hamilton to Toronto

Daily Distance 81.29km, Total Distance 3,562.21, Average Speed 16.1km/hr

Day 93 – 100: Jul 16 – Jul 23 – Downtime in Toronto

Day 101: Jul 24Toronto to Oshawa

Daily Distance 62.72km, Total Distance 3,624.93, Average Speed 13.6km/hr

Day 102: Jul 25Oshawa to Grafton

Daily Distance 83.17km, Total Distance 3,708.10, Average Speed 13.9km/hr

Day 103: Jul 26Grafton to Bloomfield

Daily Distance 77.50km, Total Distance 3,785.60, Average Speed 15.8km/hr

Day 104: Jul 27Bloomfield to Kingston

Daily Distance 73.74km, Total Distance 3,859.34, Average Speed 15.3km/hr

Day 105: Jul 28 – Rest day in Kingston

Day 106: Jul 29Kingston to Brockville

Daily Distance 89.38km, Total Distance 3,948.72, Average Speed 17.1km/hr

Day 107: Jul 30Brockville to Cornwall

Daily Distance 98.79km, Total Distance 4,047.51, Average Speed 17.6km/hr

Day 108: Jul 31Cornwall to Coteau-du-Lac

Daily Distance 63.67km, Total Distance 4,111.18, Average Speed 17km/hr

Day 109: Aug 1Coteau-du-Lac to Montreal

Daily Distance 76.03km, Total Distance 4,187.21, Average Speed 15km/hr

Day 110-112: Aug 2-4 – Osheaga Music Festival in Montreal!!!

Day 113: Aug 5Montreal to Berthierville

Daily Distance 78.37km, Total Distance 4,265.58, Average Speed 16.7km/hr

Day 114: Aug 6Berthierville to Trois-Riviere

Daily Distance 63.57km, Total Distance 4,329.15, Average Speed 17.5km/hr

Day 115: Aug 7Trois-Riviere to Portneuf

Daily Distance 73.84km, Total Distance 4,402.99, Average Speed 16.4km/hr

Day 116: Aug 8Portneuf to Quebec City

Daily Distance 70.11km, Total Distance 4,473.10, Average Speed 13.5km/hr

Day 117 & 118: Aug 9 & 10 – Quebec City

Rest days

Day 119: Aug 11Quebec City to Montmagny

Daily Distance 64.39km, Total Distance 4,537.49, Average Speed 17.3km/hr

Day 120: Aug 12Montmagny to Riviere-Ouelle

Daily Distance 74.32km, Total Distance 4,611.81, Average Speed 16.3km/hr

Day 121: Aug 13Riviere-Ouelle to Riviere-du-Loup

Daily Distance 62.26km, Total Distance 4,674.07, Average Speed 13km/hr

Day 122: Aug 14Riviere-du-Loup to Rimouski

Daily Distance 112.27km, Total Distance 4,786.34, Average Speed 14.2km/hr

Day 123: Aug 15Rimouski to Sainte-Flavie

Daily Distance 30.95km, Total Distance 4,817.29, Average Speed 17.6km/hr

Day 124: Aug 16Sainte-Flavie to Causapscal

Daily Distance 95.58km, Total Distance 4,912.87, Average Speed 15.6km/hr

Day 125: Aug 17Causapscal to Campbellton

Daily Distance 83.70km, Total Distance 4,996.57, Average Speed 16.2km/hr

Day 126: Aug 18 – Campbellton

Rest day

Day 127: Aug 19Campbellton to Dalhousie

Daily Distance 25.34, Total Distance 5,021.91, Average Speed 17.5km/hr

Day 128: Aug 20Dalhousie to Bathurst

Daily Distance 86.14, Total Distance 5,108.05, Average Speed 13.3km/hr

Day 129: Aug 21Bathurst to Miramichi

Daily Distance 86.13, Total Distance 5,194.18, Average Speed 12.9km/hr

Day 130: Aug 22 – Rest day in Miramichi

Day 131: Aug 23Miramichi to Bouctouche

Daily Distance 112.15, Total Distance 5,306.33, Average Speed 17.2km/hr

Day 132: Aug 24Bouctouche to Cap-Pele

Daily Distance 65.41, Total Distance 5,371.74, Average Speed 18.3km/hr

Day 133: Aug 25Cap-Pele to Amherst

Daily Distance 58.16, Total Distance 5,429.90, Average Speed 16.2km/hr

Day 134-138: Aug 26 to Aug 30 – East Coast Road Trip

No cycling – rented a car and toured PEI, Halifax, Digby and Bay of Fundy

Day 139: Aug 31Amherst to Seafoam

Daily Distance 115.03km, Total Distance 5,544.93, Average Speed 15.5km/hr

Day 140: Sep 1Seafoam to New Glasgow

Daily Distance 39.43km, Total Distance 5,584.36, Average Speed 12.8km/hr

Day 141: Sep 2New Glasgow to Antigonish

Daily Distance 61.70km, Total Distance 5,646.06, Average Speed 13.3km/hr

Day 142: Sep 3 – Antigonish to Port Hawkesbury (GPS was suffering from rain today and unable to track today’s ride)

Daily Distance 61.98km, Total Distance 5,708.04

Day 143: Sep 4Port Hawkesbury to St. Peter’s

Daily Distance 50.17km, Total Distance 5,758.21, Average Speed 14.9km/hr

Day 144: Sep 5St. Peter’s to Sydney

Daily Distance 84.62km, Total Distance 5,842.83, Average Speed 14.3km/hr

Day 145 to 147: Sep 6 to 8 – Sydney and the Cabot Trail

Sightseeing with a car, no cycling

Day 148: Sep 9Sydney to North Sydney

Daily Distance 22.58km, Total Distance 5,865.41, Average Speed 12.6km/hr

Caught overnight ferry to Argentia from North Sydney

Day 149: Sep 10Argentia to Holyrood

Daily Distance 88.26km, Total Distance 5,953.67, Average Speed 16.7km/hr

Day 150: Sep 11Holyrood to St. John’s

Daily Distance 48.59km, Total Distance 6,002.26, Average Speed 13.7km/hr

Day 151 & 152: Sep 12 & 13 – St. John’s

My destination!!  No cycling, just sightseeing!

Day 153: Sep 14 – St. John’s to Toronto

Flew home, no biking


  1. Rick De Jong says:

    As way of introduction, my wife and I have dear friends in Karen and Steve Ruetz. Having cycled from Victoria to Halifax last April to July, Karen shared with us your journey’s blog! What an exciting adventure you are having and being able to see our country “up close and personal”! Enjoy the sights that you will yet discover! Be safe and may the traffic be light, the weather be fair, and the wind always at your back! We shall continue to follow you on your road trip! Best wishes, Tami!

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the safe wishes Rick! It certainly is an incredible experience to see the country by bike. If you have an recommendations (things to see, things to avoid) for the East Coast, I’m all ears! :)

  2. Rino says:

    congratulations …Tami very nice journey

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