Some Trip Stats

Here are some fun facts from my trip:

Total days on the trip – 153

Number of days cycling – 92

Number of days resting & sightseeing this grand country – 61


And some facts around the cycling portion of my trip:

Average moving speed – 15.65 km/hr

Average km travelled in a day – 65.24

Total km travelled – 6,002.28

Total metres climbed – 35,516

Number of days over 100km – 5

Time spent in the saddle – 390.25 hrs

Average time in the saddle per day – 4.5 hrs

Longest # of days in a row cycling – 7 days, covered 523.5km (Quebec City, QC to Campbellton, NB)

Warmest temperature – 41 degrees celsius (Grand Bend to Sarnia, ON)

Coldest temperature – 3 degrees celsius (Vancouver to Victoria, BC)

Maximum speed reached – 53 km/hr (Argentia to Holyrood, NFLD)

Maximum daily average speed – 22.1 km/hr (Brooks to Medicine Hat, AB) – the joys of a prairie tailwind!

Minimum daily average speed – 10.5 km/hr (Chaplin to Moose Jaw, SK) – the not so pleasant prairie headwind

Highest metres climbed in a day – 1,188 (Argentia to Holyrood, NFLD)

Maximum km travelled in a day 115.03 (Amherst to Seafoam, NS)

Minimum km travelled in a day – 6.46 (Downtown Winnipeg to Airport, MB)

Longest day in the saddle – 8.25 hrs (Chaplin to Moose Jaw, SK) – dreaded prairie headwind

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  1. Mom says:

    Cool to read through these, Tami!
    53k, yikes…

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