Daily Stats Summary

As I did for the Canadian trek, this is where I will maintain all the pertinent daily riding statistics like distance travelled, average speed, max speed and any other metrics of note.

For those who want to re-live the experience in more detail, I will also post links to the daily rides as captured by my Garmin Edge bike GPS (these links will require you to create a free Garmin account to view).



Day 1 & 2 – Wed. Apr. 19 & Thurs. Apr. 20 – Flight to Queenstown New Zealand

No cycling stats to report here, time was spent in transit from Toronto to New Zealand

Day 3, 4 & 5 – Fri. Apr. 21 to Sun. Apr. 23 – Queenstown

No cycling stats here either, time spent getting my bearings adjusting to some jet lag, bus tour to Milford Sound, picking up groceries, supplies, etc

Day 6 – Mon. Apr. 24 Queenstown to Wanaka

Daily Distance 69.83km, Total Distance 69.83km, Elevation Climbed 1077m, Average Moving Speed 12.5km/hr

Day 7 – Tues. Apr. 25 – Cycled Wanaka to Makarora, drove Makarora to Haast

Daily Distance 62.00km, Total Distance 131.83km, Elevation Climbed 713m, Average Moving Speed 14.8km/hr

Day 8 – Wed. Apr. 26 – Cycled Haast to Bruce Bay, drove Bruce Bay to Fox Glacier

Daily Distance 86.92km, Total Distance 218.75km, Elevation Climbed 570m, Average Moving Speed 17km/hr

Day 9 – Thurs. Apr. 27 – Fox Glacier to Franz Josef Glacier

Rest day, decided to catch a ride with my parents

Day 10 – Fri. Apr. 28 – Drove Franz Josef Glacier to Kakapotahi, cycled Kakapotahi to Greymouth

Daily Distance 87.08km, Total Distance 305.83km, Elevation Climbed 323m, Average Moving Speed 20.6km/hr

Day 11 – Sat. Apr. 29 – Cycled Greymouth to 18km North of Punakaiki, drove from there to Westport*

*Cycle portion split into two rides on Garmin:

Greymouth to Punakaiki

Punakaiki to 18km North of Punakaiki

Daily Distance 58.02km, Total Distance 363.85km, Elevation Climbed 639m, Average Moving Speed 16.8km/hr

Day 12 – Sun. Apr. 30 – Cycled Westport to Inangahua, drove Inangahua to Murchison

Daily Distance 48.32km, Total Distance 412.17km, Elevation Climbed 361m, Average Moving Speed 17.6km/hr

Day 13 – Mon. May 1 – Drove Murchison to Glenhope, cycled Glenhope to Nelson*

*Cycle portion split into two rides on Garmin:

Glenhope to Kohatu

Kahuto to Nelson

Daily Distance 72.77km, Total Distance 484.94km, Elevation Climbed 425m, Average Moving Speed 18.2km/hr

Day 14 – Tues. May 2 – Nelson

Rest day (wine tour) in Nelson

Day 15 – Wed. May 3 – Drove Nelson to Havelock, cycled Havelock to Picton

Daily Distance 39.9km, Total Distance 524.84km, Elevation Climbed 522m, Average Moving Speed 15.3km/hr

Day 16 – Thurs. May 4 – Picton to Wellington via ferry

Daily Distance 2.97km, Total Distance 527.81km, Elevation Climbed 10m, Average Moving Speed 8.3km/hr

Day 17 & 18 – Fri. May 5 & Sat. May 6 – Wellington

Rest and sightseeing days in Wellington

Day 19 – Sun. May 7 – Wellington to Paraparaumu

Daily Distance 56.57km, Total Distance 584.38km, Elevation Climbed 362m, Average Moving Speed 14.3km/hr

Day 20 – Mon. May 8 – Cycled Paraparaumu to Foxton, Drove Foxton to Whanganui

Daily Distance 66.51km, Total Distance 650.89km, Elevation Climbed 212m, Average Moving Speed 15.9km/hr

Day 21 – Tues. May 9 – Drove Whanganui to Ohakune

Sightseeing day

Day 22 – Wed. May 10 – Drove Ohakune to Taupo

Sightseeing day

Day 23 – Thurs. May 11 – Cycled Taupo to Broadlands, Drove Broadlands to Rotorua

Daily Distance 25.66km, Total Distance 676.55km, Elevation Climbed 144m, Average Moving Speed 17.4km/hr

Day 24 – Fri. May 12 – Rotorua

Sightseeing Day

Day 25 – Sat. May 13Rotorua to Matamata

Daily Distance 70.97km, Total Distance 747.52km, Elevation Climbed 429m, Average Moving Speed 18.1km/hr

Day 26 – Sun. May 14 – Matamata

Hobbiton tour

Day 27 – Mon. May 15Matamata to Miranda

Daily Distance 98.94km, Total Distance 846.46km, Elevation Climbed 72m, Average Moving Speed 19.0km/hr

Day 28 – Tues. May 16Miranda to Takanini

Daily Distance 69.60km, Total Distance 916.06km, Elevation Climbed 467m, Average Moving Speed 16.1km/hr

Day 29 – Wed. May 17 – Takanini to Auckland Airport

Daily Distance 24.35km, Total Distance 940.41km, Elevation Climbed 125m, Average Moving Speed 13.1km/hr

Day 30 & 31 – Thurs. May 18 & Fri. May 19 – Auckland and Coromandel Peninsula

No cycling, rented a car and toured around



Day 32 – Sat. May 20Melbourne Airport to Melbourne

Daily Distance 24.93km, Total Distance 964.76km, Elevation Climbed 94m, Average Moving Speed 15.2km/hr

Day 33 to 35 – Sun. May 21 to Tues. May 23 – Melbourne

Sightseeing days – no cycling

Day 36 – Wed. May 24Melbourne to St. Kilda’s

Daily Distance 9.23km, Total Distance 973.99km, Elevation Climbed 35m, Average Moving Speed 13.2km/hr

Day 37 – Thurs. May 25 – St. Kilda’s 

No cycling – penguin tour!

Day 38 – Fri. May 26St. Kilda’s to Officer

Daily Distance 55.03km, Total Distance 1,029.02km, Elevation Climbed 311m, Average Moving Speed 15.9km/hr

Day 39 – Sat. May 27 Officer to Warragul

Daily Distance 53.67km, Total Distance 1,082.69km, Elevation Climbed 357m, Average Moving Speed 15.1km/hr

Day 40 – Sun. May 28 Warragul to Traralgon

Daily Distance 60.30km, Total Distance 1,142.99km, Elevation Climbed 311m, Average Moving Speed 16.1km/hr

Day 41 – Mon. May 29Traralgon to Sale

Daily Distance 54.79km, Total Distance 1,197.78km, Elevation Climbed 137m, Average Moving Speed 22km/hr

Day 42 – Tues. May 30 Sale to Bairnsdale

Daily Distance 72.51km, Total Distance 1,270.29km, Elevation Climbed 180m, Average Moving Speed 20.9km/hr

Day 43 to 45 – Wed. May 31 to Fri. Jun. 2 – Bairnsdale to Katoomba

Cycled to rental car company in Bairnsdale and drove from there

Daily Distance 3.37km, Total Distance 1,273.66km, Elevation Climbed 16m, Average Moving Speed 12.9km/hr

Day 46 – Sat. Jun. 3 – Blue Mountains


Day 47 to 50 – Sun. Jun. 4 to Wed. Jun. 7 Sydney

Cycled to Coogee Beach and Bondi Beach

Daily Distance 26.98km, Total Distance 1,300.64km, Elevation Climbed 378m, Average Moving Speed 9.6km/hr

Day 51 to 52 – Thurs. Jun. 8 to Fri. Jun. 9Sydney to Manly Beach

Daily Distance 5.37km, Total Distance 1,306.01km, Elevation Climbed 55m, Average Moving Speed 10.2km/hr

Day 53 – Sat. Jun. 10Manly Beach to Terrigal

Daily Distance 59.53km, Total Distance 1,365.54km, Elevation Climbed 539m, Average Moving Speed 14.9km/hr

Day 54 – Sun. Jun. 11Terrigal to Catherine Hill Bay

Daily Distance 58.41km, Total Distance 1,423.95km, Elevation Climbed 421m, Average Moving Speed 16.1km/hr

Day 55 – Mon. Jun. 12Catherine Hill Bay to Newcastle

Daily Distance 38.10km, Total Distance 1,462.05km, Elevation Climbed 257m, Average Moving Speed 12.7km/hr

Day 56 – Tues. Jun. 13 – Newcastle

Rest and sightseeing day

Day 57 – Wed. Jun. 14 Newcastle to Tea Gardens

Daily Distance 50.27km, Total Distance 1,512.32km, Elevation Climbed 93m, Average Moving Speed 18.5km/hr

Day 58 – Thurs. Jun. 15 Tea Gardens to Forster

Daily Distance 86.14km, Total Distance 1,598.46km, Elevation Climbed 362m, Average Moving Speed 16.2km/hr

Day 59 – Fri. Jun. 16Forster to Moorland

Daily Distance 57.34km, Total Distance 1,655.80km, Elevation Climbed 333m, Average Moving Speed 17.2km/hr

Day 60 – Sat. Jun. 17Moorland to Port Macquarie

Daily Distance 62.52km, Total Distance 1,718.32km, Elevation Climbed 327m, Average Moving Speed 16.8km/hr

Day 61 – Sun. Jun. 18 – Port Macquarie

Rest day

Day 62 – Mon. Jun. 19Port Macquarie to South West Rocks

Daily Distance 83.65km, Total Distance 1,801.97km, Elevation Climbed 108m, Average Moving Speed 19.3km/hr

Day 63 – Tues. Jun. 20 South West Rocks to Nambucca Heads

Daily Distance 62.90km, Total Distance 1,864.87km, Elevation Climbed 265m, Average Moving Speed 17.3km/hr

Day 64 – Wed. Jun. 21 Nambucca Heads to Coffs Harbour

Daily Distance 54.04km, Total Distance 1,918.91km, Elevation Climbed 385m, Average Moving Speed 17.1km/hr

Day 65 – Thurs. Jun. 22 – Coffs Harbour

Rest day

Day 66 – Fri. Jun. 23Coffs Harbour to Grafton

Daily Distance 84.72km, Total Distance 2,003.63km, Elevation Climbed 826m, Average Moving Speed 15.2km/hr

Day 67 – Sat. Jun. 24 Grafton to MacLean

Daily Distance 48.14km, Total Distance 2,051.77km, Elevation Climbed 91m, Average Moving Speed 17.3km/hr

Day 68 – Sun. Jun. 25MacLean to Ballina

Daily Distance 86.37km, Total Distance 2,138.14km, Elevation Climbed 160m, Average Moving Speed 18.6km/hr

Day 69 – Mon. Jun. 26Ballina to Byron Bay

Daily Distance 35.79km, Total Distance 2,173.93km, Elevation Climbed 269m, Average Moving Speed 15.1km/hr

Day 70 & 71 – Tues. Jun. 27 & Wed. Jun. 28 – Byron Bay

Rest & beach days

Day 72 – Thurs. Jun. 29Byron Bay to Coolangatta

Daily Distance 68.60km, Total Distance 2,242.53km, Elevation Climbed 349m, Average Moving Speed 15.3km/hr

Day 73 – Fri. Jun. 30Coolangatta to Gold Coast

Daily Distance 27.20km, Total Distance 2,269.73km, Elevation Climbed 86m, Average Moving Speed 12.3km/hr

Day 74 – Sat. Jul. 1 Gold Coast to Brisbane

Daily Distance 87.76km, Total Distance 2,357.49km, Elevation Climbed 543m, Average Moving Speed 15.6km/hr

Day 75 & 76 – Sun. Jul. 2 & Mon. Jul. 3 – Brisbane

Sightseeing days

Day 77 & 78 – Tues. Jul. 4 & Wed. Jul. 5 – Australia Zoo and Hervey Bay

Daily Distance 8.01km, Total Distance 2,365.50km, Elevation Climbed 9m, Average Moving Speed 13km/hr

Day 79 to 81 – Thurs. Jul. 6 to Sat. Jul. 8 – Fraser Island and Rockhampton

Day 82 to 85 – Sun. Jul. 9 to Wed. Jul. 12 – Airlie Beach & Whitsunday Islands

Day 86 to 90 – Thurs. Jul. 13 to Mon. Jul. 17 – Cairns