My New Zealand & Australian Journey

A’ight ladies and gents, here we go again!  On April 19th, 2017 I started my New Zealand and Australia cycling/backpacking/who-knows-what-it-will-become adventure!  This time without my partner in crime Dash (more on my rationale for that in a later post).  Given it is currently Apr. 23rd and I am sitting in a hostel in Queenstown, New Zealand as I write this, it is fair to say that I am not NEAR as prepared for this adventure as I was for the Canadian adventure (more on this in a later post as well).

But for now, here’s a very quick rough outline of ‘the plan’ (although calling it a plan is a bit of a stretch):

On April 24th I will start cycling north out of Queenstown, NZ and head to Auckland, NZ.  From there I will fly to Melbourne, Australia and head along the coast to Cairns, Australia.  In total this trip will cover approx 5,000kms.  Ideally I’d like to bike the entire distance, but I may very well wuss out if the mountains are too high, the roads are too narrow, the temperatures are too low, the rain is too plenty, or, or, or….  Ultimately, if I’m not enjoying my time in the saddle or I am feeling it’s too dangerous for my liking than I’ll find alternative methods of getting from point A to point B and exploring these two countries! :)


I will aim to post my progress, pics and experiences once or twice a week, depending on available time and wifi access, so feel free to come along for the ride! :)