Before the Canadian Adventure

What made me decide to try cycling across Canada?

I don’t have a quick and easy answer on that one, but here is some background info that has led me on this path…

My Cycling History

About a year after graduating from University I packed up my tent, a map of Ontario, a couple changes of clothes and set off for a 6 day, 900km trip around Lake Ontario.  A couple years later (2007) I rode from Toronto to Montreal (via Ottawa for some whitewater rafting and to take in Canada Day festivities).  A year later (2008) Dash had her inaugural multi-day trip – 2 days, 220km – from Toronto to Sauble Beach and half way back (my dad was gracious enough to pick me up and give me a ride back to Toronto as I had overdone it the previous day and I needed to be back at work the next day).

It was on the Toronto to Sauble Beach ride that I bumped into another cyclist who was riding cross Canada from East to West.  The seed was planted.

Travelling Canada

There is a great deal of Canada that I have not yet seen or explored.  To date I haven’t been north of North Bay, west of Winnipeg or east of Montreal.

There are two reasons I’m giving myself 4-5 months to cycle the country instead of the 2-3 months most other cyclists accomplish the ride in:

I’m lazy. But it’s the lazy people who invented the wheel and the bicycle because they didn’t like walking or carrying things ~ Lech Walesa

1) I want to make this a sightseeing and cycling trip, so from time to time I will spend several days off my bike to explore the town or city I’m in, or even rent a car and scoot off on a side trip.

2) Even though I have been training since January in preparation for this trip, I’m not yet in the greatest shape.  Learning from my failed ride from Sauble Beach to Toronto several years ago I want to make sure I give myself lots of time to not feel rushed and overdue things.  Especially for the first month or so.  It’s my goal that as the summer goes on my endurance and health will improve.